Resource Development

From climate change curriculum to park visitor guides, Willow Oak Group, LLC strives to create resources that are effective and innovative, and responsive to the needs of our clients. We thrive in creating unique tools that connect people of all ages to their local environment. Examples of our work include:


Baltimore Biodiverstiy Toolkit


This mulit-platform toolkit pairs the best available community science, peer review literature and on the group communtiy experinece into a Learn more about the Greater Baltimroe Wilderness Coalition. Visit the story map for the toolkit. 


Moving Freight: Economy and Atmosphere


Written for the Conservation Fund to support their work with the freight transportation company CSX, this curriculum investigates cargo transportation choices and their impacts the economy and the atmosphere, specifically in regards to climate change. Learn more about the guide.


The Schoolyard Habitat Guide, Second Edition


A comprehensive, accessible and visually interesting guide to help school communities create diverse, unique and useful outdoor learning spaces. This collaborative project with the US Fish & Wildlife Service was a complete redesign of the original Schoolyard Habitat Guide. Learn more about the guide.


Evergreen Learning Station Design


This comprehensive design was created for the Evergreen Heritage Center in collaboration with the Wild Child, LLC., the designs facilitate place-based experiential lessons that address Maryland’s Environmental Literacy Standards and showcases the local ecology, history and culture. Learn more about the design.


Gateway Guides to the Chesapeake


These projects delivered innovative approaches to discovering the rich ecological and cultural traditions of the Chesapeake Bay Gateways, an extensive network of local, regional and national parks and refuges. The guides were an online resource developed for the Chesapeake Conservancy and supported thier exsiting programing including Chesapeake Trips and TIps.