About Us


The Willow Oak Group is an environmental consulting firm focused on developing meaningful connections between people, communities, and their environment.


Willow Oak trees improve the water quality, biodiversity index and carbon footprint for hundreds of years after they are planted. At Willow Oak Group we aspire to have the same impact on the communities and environments with which we work.


Our passion is to connect people to the natural systems that support a stronger community and a healthier environment. Each of our projects, resources and training programs are designed to inspire people and strengthen the ecosystem.



Since our inception in 2002 our current and past clients include:

  • National Conservation Training Center
  • Chesapeake Conservancy
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison Arboretum
  • Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
  • The Conservation Fund
  • Virginia Beach Sea Camp
  • Audubon Maryland/DC
  • Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education


Karen Kelly Mullin is the President and Principal Consultant of Willow Oak Group.