Affecting Positive Change Through Innovative Solutions

There are many agencies and organizations all working to connect communities to their local environment.  Willow Oak Group works closely with others to ensure that these efforts strengthen and maximize the collective impact. Through our years of experience of working in the field we have developed relationships built on mutual respect.

Current work includes working with the Sustainable Schools Network of the Mid Atlantic Regional Affiliates, the Maryland Partnership for Children in Nature and the Maryland School Grounds for Learning Partnership.  Our work in all of these groups is grounded in many years of experience helping individual teachers, community members and students change their local environment for the better.  Collaborating with state and regional groups creates the context for each of these projects to work toward a larger collective impact.

In addition we have worked with the University of Wisconsin to develop a 5 year strategic plan for the US Fish and Wildlife Southeast Region schoolyard habitat program.  Learn more about the South East Regional Strategic Plan.  

Contact us to learn more about any of these strategies and the on the ground work they have helped create.